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A new 5-day challenge for career-focused administrative professionals who want to prove their skills in a powerful, visual way!


Showcase your accomplishments.

Demonstrate your value.

Prove your skills!

Next to an updated resume, a professional portfolio is your single most important career tool.

A professional portfolio – sometimes called a skills or career portfolio – showcases your achievements, demonstrates the value you bring to your organization, and proves that you can do what you say you can. Yet many assistants don’t have one.


Some don’t know where to start. Others don’t have the time. And some are overwhelmed by the project.

A portfolio is necessary at any stage of your career – whether you’re just starting out, looking to change jobs, or have supported the same executive for decades. It’s invaluable during a job search, performance review, or when you’re asking for a raise or a promotion. And it’s a great resource if your dream job suddenly becomes available!

A lot of admins know they should have a portfolio, or they think it’s a good idea, but they don’t know where to start. So they never do.

It’s heartbreaking for us to hear professionals talk about their job-hunting struggles, interviewing challenges, and insecurities, yet they don’t have a professional portfolio developed. And we are on a mission to change that!

That’s why we created this new Create Your Print Portfolio 5-Day Challenge! During this challenge, we will help you tackle the first version of your portfolio – the print edition.


Are you…

Ready to start a job search at a moment’s notice?

Showcasing your skills development for your annual performance review?

Able to prove what’s on your resume with work samples?

Consistently documenting your professional accomplishments in a way you can easily share?

Able to demonstrate how you add value in the workplace?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, we invite you to join us for this 5-day challenge!

During this 5-Day Challenge, we’ll share:

Ideas for quickly finding work samples you can proudly showcase in your portfolio.

Ways to compile work samples even if you haven’t saved them before.

How to showcase hard to demonstrate skills. 

A simple way to turn work samples into a self-guided tour for anyone who views your portfolio.

How to present your professional portfolio in performance review, interviews, and more!

Join the 5-Day Challenge and you’ll receive:

Daily training videos to help you get started immediately.

A daily plan of action to keep you on track.

Portfolio assembly templates to save you time and effort.

Resume update workbook.

Brainstorming list of 40+ items you might include.

Specific work sample examples. 

Access to Julie Perrine and her expert team in our private Facebook group and by email.

How It Works

Create Your Print Portfolio 5-Day Challenge

Register for the Challenge

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Add the Challenge to Your Calendar

Reserve time to watch the daily video and work on your plan of action. 

Get a Head-Start

Use the plan of action from our introductory webinar to get started looking for items to include in your portfolio!

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Not sure if this challenge is right for you? Want to learn more about showcasing your skills and accomplishments?

Watch this free introductory webinar, 3 Ways to Create a Powerful Professional Portfolio. This session will provide valuable advice and tips about improving your professional visibility using a professional portfolio.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you need to showcase your skills and abilities to get ahead.
  • Three key strategies for boosting your professional visibility.
  • How a professional portfolio can propel you into the spotlight and keep you there.
  • More information about the Create Your Print Portfolio 5-Day Challenge.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required?
  • You should plan to spend 20-30 minutes each day watching the video tutorial and reviewing the materials.
  • We also recommend 15-30 minutes of implementation time each day to get a start on each day’s plan of action.
What kind of support do I get if I get stuck?

Julie and her team will be accessible to answer questions and provide coaching in the private Facebook group daily. And you can email them with questions if you aren’t comfortable posting things in the Facebook group.

What if I don’t have work samples I can use?

We will show you how to find or create appropriate work samples you can include in your portfolio.

Plus, work samples are only ONE of many components you may choose to include. We’ll cover all of the options in the 5-day challenge.

I’m not job hunting right now. Do I still need this?

Ideally, you want to create this BEFORE you need it. We recommend starting now so that it’s ready to actively share if and when you need it.

I already have a standout resume. Why do I need a professional portfolio?

Your print portfolio allows you to expand on your resume with more details and work samples which provides further proof of your skills and accomplishments in a visual way.

Is everything available immediately?

The materials are available to you as soon as you receive your registration confirmation email in your inbox. That email should arrive within 10-15 minutes of completing the registration process.

How long will I have access to the 5-day challenge materials?

You will have unlimited access to the challenge materials and can watch the videos as many times as you want. If we ever retire the program or refresh it, we’ll give you advance notice so you can watch it again before we make changes to it.

Can I share this with a friend?

No. Your registration is a single user license. If you have friends or colleagues who want to participate, they need to register individually.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. If you follow our daily plans of action, and still aren’t able to assemble a first draft of your professional portfolio after 60 days, we will work with you one on one to help you get it accomplished. If for any reason, you still aren’t successful, we will offer you a full refund. That’s how confident we are that this 5-day challenge can help you get your print portfolio created.

Can I access the challenge without the Internet?


Read what some previous participants have to say…

“Thank you for all the advice, pointers, examples, tips, etc. during the 5-day challenge. No one has ever suggested I create a portfolio for myself. Not only will this help highlight my work, but it will help to show what I am able to do and how my executives can utilize my skills for their benefit.

I have over 30 years of work I need to organize, so it will definitely be a challenge. Using the guidelines given, and understanding how to get started, helps prevent the task from being overwhelming. I have a lot of work to do!”

Lisa B.

Executive Administrative Assistant, St. Petersburg, FL

“This has been a fun week! There was some hard work, digging and scratching my head to find things, coming up with ideas to put in the book; but with Julie leading the way, it was by far a much easier process than I envisioned. I’ve got a few more things to work on, but I do see the transformation. It’s a great feeling. Thank you, Julie!”

Janet H.

Executive Assistant

“I Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips and support over the week. I’m going to miss the morning ”chats”. I’ve now got quite a few pieces of my work to showcase – some I’d actually forgotten about and thought, “Wow, did I do that?” I’ll be tidying up the portfolio over the next few weeks and adding to it. Thanks again!”

Vivienne K.

Executive Assistant

“This challenge boosted my confidence in my own abilities as a leader to reflect my accomplishments on my resume, and the additional responsibilities I have taken on since the former CFO retired.
Julie, I want to personally thank you for providing such insightful webinars, challenges, and information to the administrative professional at no cost. My chosen career path would not have developed as it has without the options and ideas that are available throughout the years that I’ve followed All Things Admin.”

J. Svitak


“Love the format and breakdown of five things at a time. It helped keep it from being too daunting. This challenge has been just what I needed to jump start my enthusiasm!”

A. Hopkins

“Julie, thank you for all you are doing to help administrative assistants everywhere, and for providing us with this amazing training opportunity! All of your checklists and handouts are extremely helpful. This has been one of the most important learning experiences I have had in some time.”

B. Muff

“Thank you for another content-rich, simple, free webinar. This 5-day challenge makes it so easy to get my portfolio filled – what great basics and ideas! Thanks for helping me accomplish so much (and so easily) with regards to my portfolio. I’m now completely confident I’ll have it ready should I ever need it, AND I plan to use it at my periodic and annual reviews.”

G. M.

“Thank you, Julie, for providing us with another amazing training opportunity.”

P. Gagnon

“Wow, Julie, thank you for this challenge! I silently followed along and completed my binder. The best part for me was finding relevant work samples and bringing them up to par.”

S. Hillius

Julie Perrine
Founder & CEO, All Things Admin

Meet Your Instructor

Julie Perrine is the founder of All Things Admin. She is also an enthusiastic trainer, author, Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Administrator, perpetual planner, longtime thimble collector, and proud aunt.

As a former executive assistant and an advocate of the administrative profession, Julie encourages admins to be prepared, hone their skills, and always keep their minds open to new career opportunities. Her mission is to help assistants thrive, build and strengthen their professional relationships, and become assets to their executives and organizations.

She believes that people in the administrative profession have the ability to go anywhere they want to professionally – from a desk in the C-suite supporting a top executive to becoming an executive and running their own business. Her upbeat, step-by-step approach to handling the opportunities and challenges admins face includes proactive strategies for developing a plan, creating forward motion, and achieving great results.

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