Spotlight Your Career
Webinar & 5-Day Challenge

“Spotlight Your Career: 3 Strategies for Boosting Your Professional Visibility”

Presented by Julie Perrine, CEO & Founder of All Things Admin

When it comes to putting the spotlight on ourselves, some would rather hide in the corner than take center stage for everyone to see. However, when it comes to being considered for a promotion, raise, or exciting company projects, it’s imperative that your administrative skills, abilities, and accomplishments shine.  That means you have to put the spotlight on your administrative career in a way that gets you noticed and puts you in front of those you need to reach. But how do you do this? 

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

Why you need to showcase your skills and abilities to get ahead.

Three key strategies for boosting your professional visibility.

How a professional portfolio can propel you into the spotlight and keep you there.

How you can get more support by joining our Spotlight Your Career 5-Day Challenge.

Join the 5-Day Challenge and you’ll receive:

Daily training videos.

Templates and portfolio samples.

A daily plan of action.

Access to Julie Perrine and her expert team.

Don’t let your career stall out! 

Join the 5-Day Challenge and put the spotlight on your career and position yourself for success!

Read what some previous participants have to say…

“Thank you for all the advice, pointers, examples, tips, etc. during the 5-day challenge. No one has ever suggested I create a portfolio for myself. Not only will this help highlight my work, but it will help to show what I am able to do and how my executives can utilize my skills for their benefit.

I have over 30 years of work I need to organize, so it will definitely be a challenge. Using the guidelines given, and understanding how to get started, helps prevent the task from being overwhelming. I have a lot of work to do!”

Lisa B.

Executive Administrative Assistant, St. Petersburg, FL

“This has been a fun week! There was some hard work, digging and scratching my head to find things, coming up with ideas to put in the book; but with Julie leading the way, it was by far a much easier process than I envisioned. I’ve got a few more things to work on, but I do see the transformation. It’s a great feeling. Thank you, Julie!”

Janet H.

Executive Assistant

“I Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips and support over the week. I’m going to miss the morning ”chats”. I’ve now got quite a few pieces of my work to showcase – some I’d actually forgotten about and thought, “Wow, did I do that?” I’ll be tidying up the portfolio over the next few weeks and adding to it. Thanks again!”

Vivienne K.

Executive Assistant

“This challenge boosted my confidence in my own abilities as a leader to reflect my accomplishments on my resume, and the additional responsibilities I have taken on since the former CFO retired.
Julie, I want to personally thank you for providing such insightful webinars, challenges, and information to the administrative professional at no cost. My chosen career path would not have developed as it has without the options and ideas that are available throughout the years that I’ve followed All Things Admin.”

J. Svitak


“Love the format and breakdown of five things at a time. It helped keep it from being too daunting. This challenge has been just what I needed to jump start my enthusiasm!”

A. Hopkins

“Julie, thank you for all you are doing to help administrative assistants everywhere, and for providing us with this amazing training opportunity! All of your checklists and handouts are extremely helpful. This has been one of the most important learning experiences I have had in some time.”

B. Muff

“Thank you for another content-rich, simple, free webinar. This 5-day challenge makes it so easy to get my portfolio filled – what great basics and ideas! Thanks for helping me accomplish so much (and so easily) with regards to my portfolio. I’m now completely confident I’ll have it ready should I ever need it, AND I plan to use it at my periodic and annual reviews.”

G. M.

“Thank you, Julie, for providing us with another amazing training opportunity.”

P. Gagnon

“Wow, Julie, thank you for this challenge! I silently followed along and completed my binder. The best part for me was finding relevant work samples and bringing them up to par.”

S. Hillius