5-Day Challenge: Organize Your Workspace


Are you…

Stressed that you can’t find things when you need them?

Looking for a better way to organize your workspace?

Tired of apologizing for the mess on your desk?

Sick of worrying that you forgot another important task because it got lost in a stack of stuff?

Ready to create an organized workspace that fits your unique organizing style?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we invite you to join us for this free webinar:

“From Clutter to Calm: Creating an Organized Workspace That Inspires Productivity”

Presented by Julie Perrine, CAP®, OM, MBTI® Certified,
Certified Productivity Pro® Consultant, Founder and CEO of All Things Admin

As an administrative professional, you know being organized is crucial to your effectiveness. We all have areas where we excel and areas where we struggle when it comes to organization. When we excel, we typically have a good system in place that works with our individual organizing style. When we struggle, it’s a sign the system is broken or worse yet – there is no system in place at all. Ultimately, systems allow you to create an office that functions smoothly, efficiently, and effectively…no matter what happens!

We want to help you get the new year started right by setting up some better systems for organizing your workspace and increasing your productivity! With the simple strategies and personalized support we provide, you’ll be well on your way to creating an organized workspace that will reduce headaches and make your work life easier.

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During this free webinar, you’ll learn:

What “organized” really means, and why it’s crucial to your admin success

How disorganization sabotages your credibility and personal brand

The biggest factor that derails your organizing success, and what to do about it

Four basic principles to help you organize anything

How we will help you organize key areas of your work during our free 5-Day Challenge.

Registering for this free webinar automatically enrolls you in the free 5-Day Challenge!

During the 5-Day Challenge, we’ll share:

Simple strategies you implement immediately to create a better system for workflow across your desk.

Ideas for setting up your paper file management system.

One quick solution that can make filing instantaneous.

How to setup your digital filing system so it mirrors your paper system.

How to track and implement your great ideas with a few key tools.

Resources to support you throughout the process.

During the 5-Day Challenge, you’ll receive:

Daily training videos to help you get started immediately

A daily plan of action to keep you on track

Templates and resources to save you time and effort

Access to Julie Perrine and her expert team in our private Facebook group

It’s all delivered direct to your email inbox each day! Join us for a brand new adventure into workspace organization that will set you up for success from day one.

Get access to the webinar when you register now!


As soon as you register, you’ll receive an email with all of the details you need to participate.

Disclaimer: Julie Perrine International, LLC is an Avery compensated affiliate and influencer. We’ve used and recommended Avery brand products at the office for years, though. That’s why we work directly with them today to create brand awareness for the outstanding products they offer.

Read what some previous participants have to say…

“This challenge helped give me the shove I needed to do it. You are doing such a wonderful thing helping others improve themselves!”

C. Ladner

“Taking this webinar has given me the concepts to tackle our desk at home. So far, I’ve only organized one critical file drawer, but in the process the surrounding area is getting organized too! It’s a beautiful feeling.”

D. Minday


“I was a bit concerned that things would quickly go back to disarray due to the way I have been working. Yet, from Julie’s coaching I have found that the directional flow of work is what will help the most.”

G. Boyte


“This has been a great few days! I don’t have before pictures, but I’ll share my after. My office feels so calm and co-workers have even commented that my space is peaceful. I am able to focus on the task at hand by working in the prime zone area. Thank you!”

H. Dinwiddie


“Julie is filled with information that is beneficial to us all. Her willingness to share and her five-day challenges are the best!!!”

J. Lieb

Executive Assistant

“The information provided on your website is great, and I already know that this is going to be a fabulous journey for me!”

J. Underwood

Senior Executive Administrator

“Julie, so many of the points you covered in today’s webinar hit home, especially that of understanding your manager’s organization style before trying to make him/her adjust to yours (a failed experiment on my part several years ago).”

K. Kohn

Administrative Assistant

“Thanks Julie for the gentle push towards organization. We all want to be more organized, and might think we are, but there are always places that we can improve. I really like all of the tips too! I can’t wait to put these into practice at home!”

L. Bodesheimer

Senior Administrative Assistant

“The zone system truly helped. I have been much more productive with this system in place. Thanks again!”

T. Thompson

Administrative Assistant