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Need help developing your administrative procedures binder?

All Things Admin is here for you with five options!

Become a Procedures Pro

A How-To Guide in Book Format

  • Self-Guided

Administrative Procedures Toolkit

Sample Procedures Binder Content with 80+ Samples, Checklists, and more, in a ZIP File Download

  • Self-Guided

Administrative Procedures Toolkit - OneNote

OneNote Version of the Administrative Procedures Toolkit in a OneNote Package Download

  • Self-Guided
  • Personalized Support (Facebook Group)

Administrative Procedures Binder 4-Part Course

Moderately-paced Online Course with Weekly Webinar Training, Action Plans, and Personalized Support

  • Self-Guided
  • Instructor Led (By Webinar)
  • Personalized Support
  • Webinars

5 Days to Better Office Procedures Challenge

Fast-paced, 5-Day Challenge with Video and Action Plans Delivered Daily via Email

  • Self-Guided
  • Instructor Led (By Video)
  • Personalized Support (Facebook Group)
  • Short Videos
Creating procedures for my company was definitely a time-consuming and somewhat overwhelming task. But now that they’re done, I can breathe easier knowing that my team has what it needs to keep the business running smoothly while I’m on maternity leave. A year ago, I would’ve told you that being out of the office for six weeks was impossible! Procedures have made it possible.
Michelle W.

Small Business Owner, Cleveland, OH

Just a quick thank you for assisting me in putting together my admin procedures folder. I had my mid-year review with my exec yesterday, and when I showed him my folder he was really impressed with the content. He couldn’t believe that I’d put it together, alongside the usual work I do for him. As you say, breaking it down into small chunks and doing a little bit each day really helps. He was even more impressed when I pulled out my professional portfolio!
Vivienne K.

Personal Assistant, Scotland

I am still working on getting everything together (in my procedures binder), but having a checklist every day and breaking it into chunks made a huge difference in getting started. Not only did I start my professional binder, but I also made a reference binder with tips and tricks for Microsoft office, iPads, etc. Some of the assistants have seen it and now want to make copies for their office. It also made me feel I was in control of my future and more organized to showcase items.
Pepper N.

Administrative Assistant, St. Petersburg, Florida