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Does getting ready for vacations totally stress you out?

Have you ever gone to work when you’re sick because no one knows how to cover for you?

Are you missing valuable professional development opportunities because you can’t get away from the office?

It’s time to breathe easier during your absences. Let All Things Admin help you with our self-guided course, Kick-Start Creating Your Administrative Procedures Binder! With the completed binder, you’ll enhance productivity and customer service for your company every day. Go from stressing out to standing out as you prepare for vacations and other time away from the office throughout the year. Let administrative mentor Julie Perrine be your guide in making what some admins call a “hideous project” super easy!

A New Four-Part, Webinar Course!

It’s time to finally get your administrative procedures binder created and eliminate the stress associated with preparing for time away from the office! Do not miss out on this rare opportunity to join this online course designed to guide you step-by-step through the process with built-in accountability week by week.

Getting started with the creation of your administrative procedures binder can seem overwhelming, but it’s absolutely vital to making you stand out as a thoughtful and prepared administrative professional! This course will help you break this daunting project into simple, bite-sized tasks that help you focus and get it done with the help of Julie Perrine, an experienced facilitator who has created numerous administrative procedures binders throughout her career. Here’s how it works and what’s included:

Kick-Start Creating Your Administrative Procedures Binder

A New Four-Part Webinar Course — Register now. Begin today!

All webinars are delivered online with course workbooks, weekly action plans, sample files, templates, and more.

Course Fee: $197 per person (single user license)

For group registrations, contact us for multi-desk pricing.

Part 1: Getting Started: Why Procedures and the Templates You Need for Successfully Creating Your Administrative Procedures Binder

In the first webinar, we’ll explore why procedures are vital to you and your company. You’ll learn Julie’s signature “5 simple steps” to creating your administrative procedures binder. We’ll outline all of the tools and materials you need to complete the project efficiently, and explain how to get the process started with a few key templates.

Part 2: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: How To Fast Track Your Procedures Documentation
In the second webinar, we’ll show you how to pull from materials, documentation, and resources that may already be completed or available in various formats without recreating them. We’ll give you strategies for teaming up with others to create your procedures documentation, and we’ll help you get started on the top five procedures someone needs to know if they’re covering for you. We’ll also explain how to document good procedures from start to finish.
Part 3: Using Checklists, Forms, and Templates to Document Your Key Systems
In the third webinar, we’ll look at your overall systems for meeting and event planning, travel planning, project management, etc. Where do you have (or could you create) helpful checklists, forms, and templates to document your key systems for yourself or others to follow? We’ll talk about easy strategies for capturing screenshots and creating visuals to improve your documentation.

BONUS: You’ll receive our “how-to” guide on capturing screenshots and editing graphics for your procedures documentation with simple software applications you already have on your computer. And Julie will share her best (and most frequently downloaded) templates for meetings, events, and travel planning for getting you started during this class.

Part 4: Organizing Your Print and Digital Procedures for Ongoing Use
In the final webinar, we’ll talk about how to organize all of the procedures and binder content for ongoing use and success in both print and digital formats. We’ll review how often you should update it, how to share the materials with those who cover for you, and how to present the materials to your executive or manager to show them all you’ve accomplished! We’ll finish up with a virtual celebration/lesson on planning a stress-free vacation to mark our collective accomplishments over the prior four weeks.

When you register for this course, you will also receive:

Four webinar recordings of Julie Perrine walking you through the complete “Kick-Start Creating Your Administrative Procedures Binder Course,” step-by-step, and answering frequently asked questions.
Handouts and worksheets for every module to help you follow along and retain what you learn. This includes sample forms you can look at for guidance, as well as ready-to-use templates for you to use now! This course includes some of our best handouts, forms, and templates – that you can download and start using immediately.
Weekly action plans to keep you on track and accountable for your progress throughout the course.
Direct access to Julie Perrine and her team of procedures pros by email and through our private Facebook group for this course.

Course Fee: $197 per person (single user license)

This online transaction is 100% secure. After your information is received, you will get an electronic receipt and instructions by email within just a few minutes.

For group registrations, contact us for multi-desk pricing.

Read what others are saying …

Before taking this course, creating my admin binder was such a daunting task! I just didn’t have the motivation or impetus to get it started. But I’m happy to report that with the ideas, super templates, motivation, and positive reinforcement from Julie, the project is successfully started!


As it would happen, I was preparing to go on medical leave and would be gone for at least eight weeks. At the time, I was supporting two busy senior officers and knew that anyone coming in to cover for me would be totally overwhelmed. So, to prevent that from happening, I started developing my administrative procedures binder. The person covering in my absence would have to hit the ground running, and this guide would serve as the tool to help them do it. Before leaving, I was able to spend a few days going over the binder with my temp. She was very appreciative to have such a detailed point of reference to help her quickly get up to speed. As a result, she felt more confident about covering for me. While out on leave, I would check on her periodically and she would always comment on how helpful the binder had been to her. From a professional development perspective, my managers were blown away by my administrative procedures binder. A few initiatives were developed out of the creation of this guide.

  • I was asked to share my binder with the legal secretaries in my division in our Chicago and Washington, D.C. offices, and train them in how to create their own desk reference guide. This is my current initiative.
  • At the completion of the first initiative, I will present the guide to other administrative staff in my association to get them on board.
  • After I complete that initiative, I will revise my current guide to fit a general association standard for presentation to my HR division to possibly implement into a company standard for administrative personnel.

These initiatives are essentially goals for my 2011 Professional Development Plan and each goal will be weighed and rated. Needless to say, this entire process has become very near and dear to me. A few of my direct manager’s comments on my administrative procedures binder were:

“A very impressive piece of work!”

“I do not know of any document like it in the association. I’m going to suggest that each legal secretary in the legal and governance division prepare a similar desk reference manual for their positions.”

“The binder, which could potentially be used by all employees with secretarial functions throughout the association, demonstrated not only that she has a thorough understanding of her job duties, responsibilities, and performance expectations, but also that she is willing to share her knowledge with others for the benefit of the association.”

I am very pleased with the results and the many compliments I have received. It’s a very rewarding feeling. I am excited to share with my colleagues this product and how it can make a difference for them in their professional development as it has done for me.

Lá Shawn J. Sandifer

Executive assistant, Insurance industry, Chicago, Illinois

My No. 1 obstacle to getting my admin binder project was making the time and commitment to get it started. The “Kick-Start Creating Your Administrative Procedures Binder” course made me set aside time for myself to work on this project. So often in doing for others, we put ourselves last. But this is going to help not just me, but also others in the office. I love the handouts and support that was provided throughout this course for getting my binder created. This administrative procedures binder project is so important to me that I blocked off the same time each week for the rest of the year to work on it. I know it sounds like a little thing, but I got excited about getting it together.Thank you for your kick-Start course — your passion and excitement for the topic is infectious!
Karen Coyne

Executive assistant, Financial services industry

We are so confident that this course will give you what you need to kick-start creating your administrative procedures binder that we’re offering you a 100% money-back guarantee. If you listen to all of the webinars and follow the instructions outlined in the course handouts and do not end up with a useful procedures binder for your position, we’ll refund your money. Simply ask for a prompt refund up to 60 days from your original date of purchase!