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Annual Performance Reviews

Everything you need to prepare for your annual performance review!

Is your annual performance review approaching? Are you prepared to showcase what you’ve accomplished this year? Do you want to ask for a promotion, raise, or new job title?

Here are a few immediate steps you can take to ensure your review goes as smoothly as possible!

    1. Find out what the review process involves.
          • When is it?
          • Do you need to complete a self-evaluation?
          • Who will be writing your evaluation?
          • How does the rating system work?
          • Does the review impact bonus payouts or raises?
    2. Track your accomplishments throughout the year.
          • Make a list of projects, events, and activities you work on during the year.
          • Look through your accomplishments before review time.
          • Check your email and calendar to jog your memory.
          • Look at your OneNote or network drive folders.
    3. Review your job description.
    4. Do a self-assessment.
    5. Update your professional portfolio.

To be ready for your annual review experience, you need to proactively prepare – not just in the weeks leading up to the meeting, but year round! And one of the best ways to do that is with a professional portfolio.

What is a professional portfolio?

A professional portfolio includes your resume, work samples, documentation of your education and/or certifications, skills, and more. It packages all these materials together so that you can easily share them with your manager or executive at review time and beyond!

Leveraging your professional portfolio in your annual review

When you use your professional portfolio to document your accomplishments throughout the year, and include work samples that represent those accomplishments, you make your successes of the past 12 months visual and much more memorable – for both you and your manager.

When you present this in advance of your manager writing your review, it can make a positive difference in the details that are included on your review, and how you are ultimately rated.

If you want a better review experience, we have some resources that can help. With these training options you will be fully prepared to shine during your next review!

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My Career Plan - OneNote Template

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Prove Your Skills! With a Powerful Professional Portfolio Book

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