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Here is a list of the new training that has been added recently:

Training on Demand Webinars: (listed alphabetically on the page)

  • How to Leverage Everyday Apps to Power Up Your Procedures
  • How to Unlock the Power of AI: The Innovative Admin’s Guide to ChatGPT
  • Master PowerPoint AI: How to Use Designer and Speaker Coach to Create and Deliver Powerful Presentations
  • Outlook 365 Overhaul: Discover Powerful Ways to Take Control of Your Inbox
  • Unlocking Efficiency With AI and Innovative Procedures Documentation Tools

BONUS Webinars for Members Only! (listed alphabetically on the page)

  • Let’s Talk Professional Certifications
  • Slack Attack! Best Practices for Enhancing Your Digital Communications and Team Collaboration
  • How To Be A Better Virtual Meeting Planner

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