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Boost Your Professional Visibility With an Online Portfolio

4-Part Online Training Course

Do you know how to showcase your administrative talents and experience quickly and effectively?

Is your online presence as strong as it needs to be? Do you know how to immediately differentiate yourself from other candidates being considered for the same promotion or position you’re applying for?

As a savvy admin, you probably know that a professional portfolio is a great ally in achieving career success. But there is a way to make this valuable resource even better: you can go digital!

In addition to all the great benefits of a paper portfolio, upgrading to an electronic format helps you:

  • Share your portfolio with current and prospective employers.
  • Showcase the value you bring to your employer when you want a raise or more responsibility.
  • Demonstrate your website development capabilities. (Don’t worry if you haven’t developed these skills yet – just keep reading!)

Want to see a sample digital portfolio site? Check out Julie Perrine’s demonstration site here.

Going digital with your professional portfolio doesn’t require advanced technical skills – all it takes is some time and willingness to learn. Creating a website for your portfolio is relatively easy to do with WordPress, a little patience, and this course! No advanced web development skills required! 
This on-demand, self-guided course consists of four classes (60 to 90 minutes each) that will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your e-portfolio. Materials for each class will be emailed weekly with webinar recordings, training handouts, sample files, templates, and more. Class topics include:

Class 1: Getting Started with Your E-Portfolio Development

Class 2: A Guide to Domain Names and Website Basics

Class 3: WordPress 101: Getting Your Site Up and Running

Class 4: The Career Boosting Benefits of Blogging

Give your professional portfolio an upgrade, hone your website development skills, and make your professional achievements easier to showcase – join us now for our updated All Things Admin E-Portfolio Course!

When you register for this course, you will receive:

  1. Four 60-90 minute webinars with All Things Admin CEO Julie Perrine, who will walk you through each class step-by-step. The great thing is, you can listen any time you need a refresher or additional inspiration!
  2. Access to the webinar recordings  for each module so you can watch again later.
  3. Handouts and worksheets for every class to help you follow along and retain what you learn. This includes sample forms you can look at for guidance, as well as ready-to-use templates for you to use now! This course includes our best handouts, forms, and templates that you can download and start using immediately.
  4. Weekly action plans to keep you on track and accountable for your progress throughout the course.
  5. Direct access to Julie Perrine and her team of portfolio pros by email.

Get the entire course for $197.