How to Be More Cyber-Secure: A Look Behind the Password Curtain

Spence Witten, Cloud Security Architect at 38North Security and Adjunct Cybersecurity Professor at Cleveland State University

Everyone is tired of password rules. Creating a password these days can feel like a cross between a sudoku puzzle and a middle school math quiz. But have you ever wondered what those rules are for? And what actually happens to your passwords once you finally come up with one that checks all the boxes?

In his presentation, Spence Witten will demystify passwords by explaining how they are made and stored by companies, and attacked by cyber criminals. He’ll use some real-world examples to pull back the curtain on password complexity to help you better understand if your passwords are at risk.

This session will cover:

  • How passwords are created and stored by companies.
  • The tricks and techniques that attackers use to break passwords.
  • How to create passwords that are strong and easy to remember.
  • How to figure out if your passwords have been stolen.
  • Some tips and tricks for making passwords less annoying.

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