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Get Organized!

Your one-stop shop for all of our organization and productivity resources!

The Organized Admin Book

Discover how to organize everything from your workspace to files, email, meetings, events, travel, projects, and more! Includes several free templates to help you get started.

Become a Procedures Pro® Book

The complete and easy-to-follow instructions for creating effective office systems and procedures for you, your team, and your company! Includes several templates and samples to help you get the process started.

Organize Your Workspace 5-Day Challenge

Being organized is crucial to your effectiveness. Learn how to set up better systems for organizing all of the key areas of your workspace and increase your productivity at the same time!


Getting Organized Learning Track

The Getting Organized Learning Track includes our 5-day challenge plus several individual sessions to help you create better systems, learn your unique organizing preferences, and more!

Project Management Learning Track

The Project Management Learning Track includes individual sessions to help you create your project management system, leverage apps you already know, and get started with OneNote!

Partnering With Your Executive Learning Track

The Partnering With Your Executive Learning Track is a deep dive into the most critical components of a strong partnership: calendar management, understanding personality types, effective communication, and more!