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Professional Portfolios

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As an administrative professional, how do you demonstrate your skills? One way is with a professional portfolio of your work and experience. Whether you are actively searching for a new position, demonstrating your value to the team, or simply documenting your career accomplishments, a professional portfolio sets you apart.
Every success-minded administrative professional needs a professional portfolio — not just job seekers!

What is a professional portfolio?

A professional portfolio includes your resume, work samples, documentation of your education and/or certifications, skills, and more. It packages all these materials together so that you can easily share them with recruiters, hiring managers, and employers. It’s a fantastic tool for job-hunting, annual reviews, and keeping track of your professional development and accomplishments.

Your comprehensive professional portfolio strategy.

A comprehensive professional portfolio strategy includes a print portfolio, social portfolio (e.g. LinkedIn), and digital portfolio (e.g. a standalone website).By developing your professional portfolio across these three mediums, you’ll maximize your professional visibility and ensure you don’t get passed by for important professional opportunities.

We’ve heard a lot of admins say they know they should have a professional portfolio, but they don’t know where to begin.

All Things Admin is on a mission to change that!

With these training products, you can start and finish your professional portfolio and be ready for whatever comes your way!

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Professional Portfolio Builder Toolkit

Fast-track your professional portfolio development with this template! Includes files to help you create your cover/spine, tabbed dividers, work sample cover sheets, resume, cover letter, personal business cards, and more!

Prove Your Skills! With a Powerful Professional Portfolio Book

Discover how to develop your professional portfolio in print, digital, and social formats. This book includes everything you need to know about visually showcasing your accomplishments, demonstrating your value, and proving your abilities. Includes several free templates to help you get started.

Create Your Print Portfolio 5-Day Challenge

Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile 5-Day Challenge

Develop Your Digital Portfolio Course

How to Create a Powerful Social Portfolio Using LinkedIn

Your Career Crisis P.L.A.N. of Attack Course

Read what others are saying…

I ordered the Professional Portfolio Builder Binder for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted a place to store my work and professional association accomplishments.
  2. I needed help knowing exactly what to gather.
  3. I like the idea of being able to go grab something easily and not have to search for documents or work samples.

I like to keep my resume updated, and thought keeping an ongoing record of my work would assist in that updating. And it does! I don’t have to hunt any longer for that spreadsheet that looked really great and is easy to use; it’s already in my binder. I also keep a thumb drive with all the documents in the binder available.

My favorite part of the binder is that all the parts are already there! I didn’t have to shop or be creative when adding all my items. Putting my binder together also showed me where I lacked supporting documents, specific types of work I have not done, or experience that I need to be a more rounded admin.

Before using the Professional Portfolio Builder from All Things Admin I would search my files for certification materials. Now, I can be ready for an interview in a matter of minutes. I select the items that are appropriate and place in a smaller version of the binder, and I’m ready to go!

Rachael Barnett

CPS/CAP, Executive Assistant, Health Care Industry

I have just gone through an exhausting interview process including five interviews and got the job! (I got it) partially due to the professional portfolio that I presented to the interviewers at the last two interviews! One of my interviewers said that she’d never had an applicant present a portfolio before, let alone the detail that mine included! I just wanted to let you know this and thank you for providing the tools to compile this document.
Laura H.

Administrative Assistant, Springdale, Arkansas

It’s unusual to use something like this (a professional portfolio) in Britain. So I will keep mine short in keeping with what people are likely to read. (They may flick through a five- to 10-page folder, but they’re unlikely to read through a large ring binder.) But it will still make me stand out from the crowd. Additionally, I find that it’s helping me focus on the skills I want to highlight in order to advance my career (i.e. highlight my leadership abilities and move into middle management), rather than my 8+ years of experience as a PA, which is only likely to get me more PA jobs.
Ceri M.

Executive Assistant

I’ve completed my challenge for today, including some extra credit! Thanks again for facilitating this exercise! I’m excited at the thought of having a (professional) portfolio to showcase my accomplishments. It’s a great tool to serve as a reminder of all of the things I’ve done, and to use as a reference tool for my current employer at review time.
Shannon A.

I’ve been working on many projects outside my usual realm as an admin and wanted to consolidate and highlight them for my performance reviews. (And, if the need arises, for a leg up in the job market). It is certainly a work in progress, but what it has done for me at this time is to help me pull together what I think is important to highlight for my managers. I have four managers, and they can’t all possibly know what I do on a daily basis.

Before creating my own professional portfolio using the binder from All Things Admin, items I would have wanted my managers to see would have been sent to them electronically … risking them not really looking at them. Now that I have my professional portfolio assembled, they will be able to see the projects they have asked me to complete, as well as some projects I have taken on myself — all in one convenient and organized place.

My favorite aspect of this product is the directions it provided, and how I feel now that I can see all I have accomplished this year. It makes me really proud!

Brenda Monahan

Executive Assistant, Software Marketing Industry, Concord, Massachusetts

Often times, we are so busy with trying to keep up that we don’t take time to document the things that may affect the outcome of our future.

Listening to your talk today brought to mind accomplishments that could be very beneficial in trying to pursue other positions — both within an organization or at another employer. Having this information would certainly help in annual performance reviews, as well. And I had not thought of providing visuals during an annual review as evidence of my work or accomplishments.

Thank you again for this valuable information. I look forward to pulling together this information, and creating a professional portfolio of my own.

Adriane V.

Executive Assistant

Thank you for today’s video as it answered some of my questions! I never thought of pictures of files and snapshots of items on the computer (for my professional portfolio), so thank you! I think I’ll be doing some snip-its today to include. I’ve had a kudos folder since I started at my current job. I keep an HR folder in which I put all my reviews, certificates, and any emails, notes, etc. I also find it helpful to keep a folder within Outlook where I can drag and drop emails into it so I can print them later.
Melissa D.

Office Administrator