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The Complete and Easy-To-Follow Instructions for Creating Effective Office Systems and Procedures

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Some featured sections of the book include:

  • Getting started with documenting your systems and procedures
  • Why procedures make good business sense
  • Procedures’ role in strengthening your team
  • The career benefits of procedures for the Procedures Pro®
  • The difference between systems and procedures
  • Getting started with systems development
  • Creating effective office procedures
  • Using checklists, forms, and templates
  • And many more!

About the Author

Julie Perrine is an executive assistant turned CEO and the founder of All Things Admin. She is also an enthusiastic trainer, author, Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Administrator, Certified Productivity Pro Consultant, perpetual planner, longtime thimble collector, and adoring aunt.

As an advocate of the administrative profession, Julie encourages admins to be prepared, hone their skills, and always keep their minds open to new career opportunities. Her mission is to help assistants thrive, build and strengthen their professional relationships, and become assets to their executives and organizations. She believes that people in the administrative profession have the ability to go anywhere they want to professionally – from a desk in the C-suite supporting a top executive to becoming an executive and running their own business. Julie’s upbeat, step-by-step approach to handling the opportunities and challenges admins face includes proactive strategies for developing a plan, creating forward motion, and achieving great results.

Download the Free Book Resources

The resources that accompany the book are now available for you!

The download package includes the following resources:

  • Anatomy of a Procedure Infographic
  • Systems and Procedures Development Plans of Action
  • Meeting Planning Template
  • Tasks Tracking Templates
  • Procedures Templates
  • Travel Itinerary Template

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Read the Reviews

“Julie Perrine is the only person I know who has tackled this detailed, nitty-gritty subject. While documenting procedures may seem overwhelming, Julie has mapped every step thus making it easy for any administrative assistant to follow. I especially love how Julie says, “Your administrative procedures are your legacy.” Also her attention to preparing for a disaster is very good advice and something we all should heed. Thank you Julie for this excellent map to reducing stress and being prepared for the unexpected!”

Joan Burge

Founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International

“Having supported John Chambers as CEO and now executive chairman of Cisco for the past 26 years, I quickly realized that, as his executive assistant and business partner, I needed good systems and procedures in order to keep track of tasks, stay consistent, and increase overall productivity for both of us. I could have definitely used Julie’s book, Become A Procedures Pro® back then!  This book is written in simple to understand language, and comes with success stories, tons of resources, file downloads, templates, examples, and a vast array of proven tools. I feel this is the essential guide for any administrative professional who wants to create success in the office!”
Debbie Gross

Chief executive assistant, Cisco

“Wow, love this book! Julie Perrine is the master for providing administrative professionals with advice and resources to develop effective office systems and procedures.  Become a Procedures Pro® is packed with data, stories, resources, and ideas for creating and strengthening procedures in the workplace.”
Stacy Leitner

CAP-OM, co-owner of Admin to Admin and senior executive assistant, City of Rancho Cordova, California

“Julie Perrine has written a fabulous and useful set of guidelines for developing a procedures binder, whether it be hard copy, electronic, or both. Her book clearly explains the importance of a procedures binder, a step-by-step process to achieve it, and the value of developing one for the individual and the organization. A truly useful and valuable resource that I would recommend to every administrative professional in every organization and in every country.”
Eth Lloyd

Chairman, advisory council, World Administrators Summit 2018

“This book is a must-read for any administrative professional. Julie does a masterful job of breaking down the elements of procedures, offering the confidence that creating a procedures manual is quite manageable. For us Type A personalities, this book detailing lists, processes, and organization is magical!”
Rachel Reynolds

interim director, International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

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