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Discover How to Prove Your Skills With a Powerful Professional Portfolio

Showcase Your Accomplishments

Demonstrate Your Value

Prove Your Skills and Abilities

You are an asset to your organization. But how do you effectively showcase your skills, talents, and experience?

By creating a powerful professional portfolio!

Is the concept of a professional portfolio unfamilar to you? This book will change that and give you the information, guidance, and resources you need to successfully complete your portfolio.

This book is a vital career resource for anyone looking to…

  • Advance their career
  • Find a new job
  • Enter a new profession
  • Start a business
  • Join a board or advisory committee
  • Be successful professionally

A professional portfolio is a must for anyone who wants to be successful in their career!

A professional portfolio can help you advance your career – regardless of your job title, industry, or tenure. Whether you’re in a job interview, performance review, or volunteering, a powerful professional portfolio will set you apart from the crowd!

This book is your complete guide to developing your professional portfolio in print, digital, and social formats. It includes everything you need to know about visually showcasing your accomplishments, demonstrating your value, and proving your abilities.

Some features include:

  • A comprehensive introduction to professional portfolios, including how to create your portfolio strategy and organize yourself for success.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to develop your print, digital, and social portfolios.
  • Guidelines on using your professional portfolio for career planning, annual reviews, job interviews, and more!

About the Author

Julie Perrine is an executive assistant turned CEO, and the founder of All Things Admin.

Julie is a champion of professional portfolios, and she has been advocating their career benefits and opportunities for more than a decade. She has more than 30 years of experience in the administrative profession spanning several industries and serving in corporate and startup settings. Her mission is to guide, encourage, and connect people to the technologies, ideas, resources, and people they need to achieve professional success. Julie’s upbeat, straightforward approach to handling the opportunities and challenges of the professional world are what make her a sought-after expert on professional portfolios, procedures development, and achieving career success.

Julie transformed a career as an administrative professional into several successful enterprises and shares her knowledge, expertise, and resources with individuals, corporations, and organizations as a systems and procedures advisor, personality type strategist, and productivity expert.

Complete and easy-to-follow instructions for creating your print, social, and digital portfolios!

Download the Complimentary Book Resources

The resources that accompany the book are now available!

The download package includes the following resources:

  • Resume Update Workbook
  • Portfolio Contents Brainstorming Checklist
  • Strategic Career Plan Report
  • Career Planning Template
  • Accomplishments Tracker
  • P.A.R. Worksheet Template
  • LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts
  • LinkedIn Job Search Checklist
  • Business Card Template
  • Print, Social, and Digital Portfolio Plans of Action

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Prove Your Skills! With a Powerful Professional Portfolio

Everything You Need To Know About Visually Showcasing Your Accomplishments, Demonstrating Your Value, and Proving Your Abilities