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Create Your Strategic Administrative Career Plan

If you want to be ready for any change or opportunity – planned or unplanned – then you need a strategic administrative career plan!

Do you sometimes feel like your career or job responsibilities have veered off course?

Have you ever missed an important career opportunity because you weren’t adequately prepared?

Has a workplace reorganization, merger, or acquisition ever impacted your job?

Adopting the basic principles of strategic planning will help you prepare for the peaks and valleys of your professional life, as well as many of the constant changes you face daily on the job. It will teach you how to apply principles of strategic planning to your career as an administrative professional, and manage your day-to-day responsibilities in a way that puts you in control.

Strategic Administrative Career Planning Options

Accelerate Your Career With a Strategic Administrative Career Plan

During this webinar, you will:

  • Discover why it is necessary to shift from reactive to proactive when managing your career and workload.
  • Learn a proven strategic planning method for your career.
  • Create a plan that will keep you organized and ready for any career transition.
  • Learn how to implement your career plan to ensure future success.

Regular: $67

My Career Plan OneNote Notebook Template

This OneNote Notebook includes:

  • Six tabs with more than 30 pages of strategic planning tips and ideas to help you create your career plan.
  • Templates for self-assessment, annual review preparation, resumes, tracking accomplishments, mapping out your career plan details, and more!
  • Resources to help you do a SWOT analysis, develop your professional portfolio, and create a vision and mission statement with ease.

The My Career Plan OneNote Template is delivered in a downloadable OneNote Package File (*.onepkg).

IMPORTANT: You must have OneNote 2010, 2013, or 2016 Desktop Version installed on your computer in order to open the OneNote Package file. To install or reinstall OneNote 2016, visit this link.

Once you have the OneNote Package file saved and opened on your computer, then it can also be opened and used with the Windows 10 version of OneNote.

FOR MAC USERS: OneNote Package Files cannot be opened on MACs. If you have a PC computer, you can download the file, open it and save it to the file location you want to access it from (Sharepoint, network drive, etc), and then you should be able to open it from OneNote on your MAC. This is the only way to get a clean copy of the template on your MAC computer (until Microsoft fixes this issue).

Introductory Offer – $57

Organization doesn’t just apply to papers, projects, and things on your desk. You also have to be organized in how you approach your career if you want to achieve your goals and enjoy success. Embark on a journey to job security, peace of mind, and maximum control over your career as an administrative professional – start creating your own strategic administrative career plan now!